Polsapart’s Exterior

We can supply and fit any type of exterior products like

Decorative stone and facade tiles  – colours, shapes and textures.  inspired by the natural beauty of mountain ranges, coastlines and rocky fjords. tiles are made according to the principle that the nature is the best artist.

Mineral renders – have a cement and mineral fillers structure, with biocides added, affecting their mold, fungi and other microorganism resistance and making them very vapor permeable, especially suitable for high moisture areas and perfectly combined with mineral wool insulation products, due to their non-flammability.

Silicone renders  – are consisted of silicone resins and mineral fillers, they are very dirt, weather  and UV radiation resistant, all making them very durable. Silicate renders are based on liquid potassium glass mixed with mineral fillers, why they are, like mineral renders highly applicable in humid places and successfully combined with both mineral wool and polystyrene insulation products. Silicone-silicate renders present a perfect mixture of silicone and silicate renders combining and emphasizing basic advantages of both render types.

Acrylic renders – are consisted of acrylic being a flexible and resistant type of plastic. These renders are very fast drying, offer a decorative finish, from smooth to textured one and can be applied to various surfaces, including concrete blocks, painted walls, cement sheeting or polystyrene. It is usually rolled on, but can also be sprayed onto the surface, depending on the render type.

Mosaic renders –  offer a decorative finish, consisting of transparent resins and colored  gravels, used both on internal walls susceptible to harsh conditions and external walls subject to dirt and dust.